Snacks in Suffolk

Feeling epicurious, I have started venturing out into East Anglia and beyond to sample the many delectable wares on offer in the region.

Having personally owned a festival food stall business in the past, I know how much time, effort and money it can take to get your own venture up and running. I wanted to celebrate and take inspiration from those who have taken the brave step in our region, so decided to make conscious efforts to go and visit small businesses locally that have caught my eye and essentially snack my way around Suffolk. I am super nosey about what people decide to do as there are so many different directions you can take things, and I have the deepest respect for those who decide to go it alone with no guarantee of success.

The list of where I want to visit or try food from has been growing fast, coming to my attention through personal recommendations from friends, Instagram, local news feeds, or just when I am out and about and spot things. It is amazing what you discover when you actively begin to look. There is so much incredible talent all around us.

Currently a Patisserie & Confectionery NVQ L3 student myself three days a week at Suffolk New College, then working part-time, I am just casually snacking my way around at the moment due to budgetary and time constraints. I need to remember to ask if student discount is available as I keep forgetting! But I am determined to regularly discover as many new local eateries as possible, with an already long list of places to visit.


I dropped by Sweet Williams Bakery on Chantry Park after seeing some incredible cake decorations on my Insta news feed. I walk the family dog Toffee up there and had been meaning to say hello, so stopped by for a chat with Zoe. 

I spotted this new bakery on Norwich Road - not difficult because it is bright pink! They have all the goodies.....

Vanilla cupcake.HEIC

It took me two attempts to pay this understated gem a visit after being recommended to do so by a friend.