Blossom Rose's Cakes

5 Norwich Road, Ipswich

January 2022

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Upon returning home to Ipswich after being away on holiday in California for Christmas, I was delighted to note this bright pink jewel had appeared on Norwich Road, opposite Coes. They were closed so I just lingered in the doorway longingly for a while, but made a note to return the next time I was passing.

Opened by Rosa and Marisa, Blossom Rose's Cakes began from home two years ago, making special occasion cakes to order.

While I was there ordering way too many things to realistically consume alone in one sitting, I chatted to them and was impressed to find that Rosa makes everything herself, including the macarons and pastries, from scratch. As a patisserie student currently, this was hugely impressive to me.

Everything looked beautiful, from the items in the display cabinet to the décor.

It was extremely difficult to decide what to try and I had not had breakfast, so I wanted everything and experienced my usual choice-paralysis. I pacified myself by remembering I would be able to return any time I was passing, which was often. I had a vanilla cupcake with beautiful piping on top that had a surprise jam filling, the sponge being moist with a lovely crumb. I also had a coffee (oat milk latte – sorry I know I’m not vegan but I just prefer oat milk ok!) and noted the Portuguese blend they had sourced which was nice and smooth. They also had Lindor chocolates on the counter by the till and I had one of those too, as if I did not have enough food already….

The carrot and chocolate cake looked intriguing, moist and delicious, as did the apple cake that appeared similar to a frangipagne but after discussing it with Rosa is not quite the same, being more like a cake. The whole sponge cake in the front which had fruit piled on top contained fresh cream and mascarpone, which pleased me greatly as I much prefer fresh cream fillings over buttercreams. The croissants looked like pastry-perfection but there twinkling in front of me were one of my absolute favourites – pastel de nata. It was a no-brainer.

Having been to Portugal myself and eaten lots of these while there, then also having an amazing one in Hyde Park last time I was in London, I was not going to pass up the opportunity to then have one made by Rosa, who is Portuguese herself. I had it to takeaway and ate it later the same day; as predicted it was puff pastry custard heaven.

I also took home one of each flavour of her macarons – chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, caramel, lemon and strawberry. They were all beautiful, but I think my favourites were the lemon and strawberry, as they had a really zingy flavour. 

I love Norwich Road for food and this bakery is certainly an addition that will shine – and not just because it is bright pink!

Nice to chat to you ladies, I will be back eventually to try literally everything.