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Epicurious Emma






Hello and welcome to my blog site!

A bit about my journey so far.....

While working in accounts and studying bookkeeping during the pandemic, deep down I craved a change of direction. I loved getting engrossed in figures and balancing accounts, but something was lacking and I yearned for a creative outlet.

I put my accounting studies on hold and signed myself up for the Professional Patisserie & Confectionery NVQ L3 at Suffolk New College to build upon my previous experience in the culinary industry, for the first time pursuing a formal qualification in a subject I had spent much time admiring. It looked creative and fun - just what I was looking for.

I decided to create an Instagram page to chart my progress and have somewhere I could direct prospective employers towards for evidence of my skills.

A good friend kept suggesting I also launch a blog at the same time. Having never blogged before, this was a daunting prospect. I decided there was nothing to lose and much learning to be gained, so decided to take her advice. She told me it would lead to great things - and she was right! 

With a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and a career including radio news, much time spent working in the culinary industry, then owning a festival food stall business up until the pandemic, chatting to people all day long about food already comes naturally.

So I launched a blog to share my journey and at the same time fulfill another passion of mine, which is to document.

This fledgling patisserie blog has quickly begun to expand.​

I have since commenced a self-imposed Regional Recipe Challenge, where I cook my way through traditional recipes, one region at a time. My current focus is on East Anglia and specifically my home county of Suffolk.

I also graze my way around Suffolk, London and wherever else I am lucky enough to visit (most recently California), documenting much of what I see in the way of cultural highlights and great food, under the pseudonym Epicurious Emma.

This space has grown from patisserie progress reports to housing local business features, recipes and articles, with plans in the pipeline for further content of interest.

​​I have brought my love of food, journalism and travel together for a new chapter that I would love you to join me on. 


Thanks for stopping by,

Emma xxx